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     Even though in Spanish this activity is called excursionismo, the Europeans refer to this activity as trekking and in The United States it is refered to as hiking. All of these words signify the amazing adventures that Cocora's valley has to offer.   

     The Cocora's valley which is a natural reserve in Quindio has a plant called Palma de Cera. Palma de Cera is the national tree in Colombia. Its environment has amazing landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, roads and perfect weather. Hiking has been an important activity because it makes a real natural experience.

   There are some routes to start the adventure. Because some routes are more difficult than others, each person decides which route is more convenient for him or her. In addition, the trip includes guides, food and water. Moreover, the hike starts early in the morning in Salento.

  The hiking experience has been very popular. As a result, most of the European tourists come to Cocora's valley only because they heard about the amazing adventure.

 11 38 In fact, the routes impress everyone. The biodiversity such a natural environment, valleys, mountains, rivers, animals and landscapes makes tourists surprise because of the incredible natural places.

   Hiking is an important activity in Quindio. Furthermore, it is supported by prestigious companies that make the trip with a good reputation.

   The tourists spend around 4 or 6 hours taking the routes. However, it is an unforgetable experience that tourists are going to enjoy, learn and be surprised.

   A video expresses the emotions that tourists feel in this interesting trip.

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